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And then it would play like a Adele 30 signatures thank you for your music shirt beautiful little tune that sounds much like thisum again we’re back in the teenage angst. And but not here for her wanting to her wishingshe was um this this other girl when when she gets the cold shoulder from this guy like that. Rightit’s such a beautiful thing when it does happen um but when you deal with the feelings of the end of that first love you just don’t know what to do with that you know. She was one of those like four or five artists where I was like manwe started the channel a little under a year ago and it was very much. But we’re gonna start with 19 which is exciting also because we don’t typically start from the beginningbut because she’s only got three albums we might as well start from the beginning. So it’s just such a natural transition. And I love what she’s talkingabout again this person can say everything that they want to say and even save the best words for last we’re saying you’re the one from me

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Um and I just love how much goes behind a Adele 30 signatures thank you for your music shirt lot of these songsand I love the again that sort of like nursery. Okayokay. Is two different things guys that’s heavy. She’sshe’s certainly gone crazy for. The most important thing is I want you guys to think about that how you want to be remembered because it’s your performanceit’s your commitment uh that that lives on forever. It’s crazyi thought she had like four or five albums now that i’m sitting here looking. Melodically it gives me that jazzy sort of feelingit’s so hard to follow what she’s saying because she just her voice just does something to me
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Like there’s no reverb there’s nothere’s. But see even that li a Adele 30 signatures thank you for your music shirt i’m standing on ground when you deliver a line back in the beginning of the song. You know what’s funny is that when I think adele my stereotype jumps to like piano just piano ballad so just start off with an acoustic guitarjust throws me off completely day dreamer sitting on the sea soaking up the sun. You knowoh wait. Love thisthis is such an aesthetically soothing and pleasing song. Yeahthey sound good or they can sound great. To make you feel my life um all that is is the perfect ballad that is such a beautiful song to illustrate the things you would do for someone to fully feel um and you’re talking physically.
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My self simplyit’s time. Soyeah. Some of adele’s friends s a Adele 30 signatures thank you for your music shirt ingly had mixed reviews I sent a snippet of me singing it as I was writing it to three of my closest friends here andone didn’t like itAdele 30 signatures thank you for your music shirt 1

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