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Ii feel like as these albums progress. It’s like so all over the placebut t a Adele 30 signatures shirt when it jumps into that chorus it’s a very specific rise rise rise rise. It’s full form and we indulge I tell you my favorite songsi tell you what I like about certain songs. That’s a you guitar at me. And there’s so much that goes into that if you think back to your first love and what went into thatand how you didn’t even know how to feel about things like everyone that’s in love for the first time unless you’re fortunate enough to make that last forever which is so rare. Yeahand especially with sort of these these grands orchestral sounds and the way it just sort of faded out there. Rightit’s such a beautiful thing when it does happen um but when you deal with the feelings of the end of that first love you just don’t know what to do with that you know

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You really start to try and figure out like what the Adele 30 signatures shirt am I here for what am I supposed to do uhand then you’re just gonna end up chasing those pavements um. You know youth being really youngum it almost even sounds like one of those um boxes that that had like the little ballerina or dancing like the music box things that you would twist that wind them up. Their first reactionno matter what a song is is. Like i’m standing on bricks made of air or something like that like that aligned this at this point of the songit’s that much harder because of the lyrical layers that she’s developed in this song. Um I got the goosebumps before I even recognize the song it all happened like goosebumps song recognitionand then they combined. It’s so confusingit’s so confusing at that point. Two way do you see my heart on my sleeve it’s been there for days on endand it’s been waiting for you to open up your two baby colors
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That’s a Adele 30 signatures shirt very teenage angst sort of um feeling to go through chasing pavements even potentially the idea of like trying to find your way in life that’s what that’sabout there’s a lot of that going on. I don’tthat’s. I’m buzzing well easy on meis now out and while it’s getting rave reviews from fans. You know what’s funny is that when I think adele my stereotype jumps to like piano just piano ballad so just start off with an acoustic guitarjust throws me off completely day dreamer sitting on the sea soaking up the sun. Right now i’m so sorry about ithi. It makes sense because she was super super youngshe was going through that uh even though when I listened to her saying it just doesn’t make sense that she was that age all right crazy for you guys track five. Um wow first love track summer the way to feel again trying to understand why don’t get so close to change my mindme too doubt.
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What’s interesting about this one is it feels like it would have been a Adele 30 signatures shirt good album closeryou know like sending this last message. Um and I just love how much goes behind a lot of these songsand I love the again that sort of like nursery. That’s not a kid that’s not a 18 year old and that’s exactly what I need to doAdele 30 signatures shirt 1

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